Installations for reception and treatment of ship-generated waste provide the following services as regards reception and treatment of liquid waste:

  • utilisation of oily waters - wastewaters polluted with oily products;
  • reception of used oils and slop oils from ships;
  • treatment of waters from washing of ships' holds containing residues from grainy cargoes, such as coal, ores, apatites, phosphorites, not containing chemically active and oily substances.

Wastewater delivered to the plant should not exceed the parameters given below:

Oily wastewaters:

Parameter Admissible value
Relative density 0.7 - 1.0 kg/dm3 in 15°C
Total suspended solids, content of settling particles up to 5%
Salinity up to 3,5% of salt
pH 6.5 - 9.5
Maximal temperature of liquid 40°C
Minimal temperature of liquid 0°C
COD 15,000 mgO2/dm3
Free cyanides ≤ 0.1 mg CN/dm3
Bounded cyanides ≤ 0.5 mg CN/dm3
Sulphides ≤ 0.2 mg S/dm3

Waters from washing of holds:

Parameter Admissible value
BOD5 500 mgO2/dm3
COD 1,000 mgO2/dm3
Total suspended solids 500 mg/dm3
pH 6.5 - 9.5 pH
Temperature 0-40°C
Total nitrogen 50 mg Nog/dm3
Total phosphorus 10 mg P/dm3
Oily substances 15 mg/dm3
Benzine extract 15 mg/dm3
Grainy cargoes must not form water solutions  

Price list for reception and treatment of waste delivered beyond the Port Waste Management System:

Type of wastewater Description of waste Price
per 1 m3
Bilge waters and oily waters Typical oily mixtures of water and oil 20÷50 zł
Oily waters from washing of tanks Wastes from cleaning of storage tanks, cisterns, barrels, containing crude oil or its products 40÷80 zł
Other oily wastewaters Containing small volumes of solvents 70÷100 zł
Mixtures of oily wastewaters Containing substantial volumes of solvents or solid pollutants and chemicals 100÷150 zł
Emulsions Emulsified oily mixtures of water and oil above
150 zł
Used oil Used oil - 3rd group according to the norm PN-C-96050
e.g.13 02 08* - Other waste engine, gear and lube oils
13 05 06* - Oil from dewatering of oil in separators
200 zł**
Washing waters Waters from washing of holds containing
grainy pollutants insoluble in water
Hazardous waste are not included
10÷35 zł


* Hazardous waste
** The price is negotiated depending on the actual parameters of oil and presently valid conditions of purchasing determined by the Consortium of Used Oils
*** The price does not include the cost of transport

In the event of a delivery of oily wastewater in amount greater than 100 m3 the price might be lowered after negotiations.

Reception of oily wastewaters and waste oils from barges is performed in the following working hours:

  • 7.00-20.00 - in summertime
  • 7.00-15.00 - in wintertime.

Reception of oily wastewaters and waste oils delivered by road tankers is performed round the clock.

Additional information on the codes of wastes received for treatment is available on a sub-page Types of waste received for treatmet .

Port Waste Management System:

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