The main aim of a policy pursued by Water Law Consortium 'Międzyodrze', providing the treatment services for municipal waste water, oily waste water and ships' cargo holds washing water, is a fulfilment of the requirements of its customers in order to win their trust by guaranteeing a timely and professional execution of ordered services and such treatment of the received waste water which should minimize its negative environmental impact.

The efficient organisational structure of our company is achieved thanks to a common effort by both the Management Board and all the employees. We have created an excellent team of specialists, with everybody being aware of their share in the execution of Consortium's statutory aims.

Main highlights of our policy include:

  • Receipt and waste water treatment of whole waste waters from the area of Miedzyodrze in Szczecin,
  • Optimisation of all waste water treatment processes,
  • Implementation of technologies with low environmental impact,
  • Acquiring new customers in aim the optimum utilization of ability of waste water treatment plant,
  • Effective co-operation with customers,
  • Investing the generated profit in ecological undertakings,
  • Building of a pro-ecological image for the Consortium.

We strive to achieve the above aims by:

  • full involvement of the Management Board and all employees in the quality management and environmental management matters encompassed by the Integrated Management System;
  • keeping all technical infrastructure in good condition;
  • consistent execution of planned tasks and declared aims;
  • obey the requirements of suitable norms as well as rgulations of low;
  • continuous perfecting of skills and raising the qualifications of employees;
  • regular analysis of executed tasks, using the opinions and views expressed by our customers for the purpose of an ongoing improvement of Integrated Management System built in support about requirement of norms ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

The Board of Directors of Water Law Consortium "Miedzyodrze" is fully responsible for adopting, implementation and dissemination of the Integrated Management System Policy, so that it is introduced in a way ensuring full accomplishment of its declared aims.

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Spółka Wodna Międzyodrze, Office

Przejazd 14, 70-607 Szczecin
phone: +48 91 46 23 965-67
fax: +48 91 46 23 965-67 extension no. 30
Opening hours: from Monday to Friday 7.15 - 15.15

SW Międzyodrze

Ostrów Grabowski Wastewater Treatment Plant

Przejazd 14, 70-607 Szczecin
phone: +48 91 46 23 491
fax: +48 91 46 23 545
The Treatment Plant is opened round-the-clock