In December 2002, in acknowledgement of the results of environmental activities performed by Spólka Wodna, the Polish Minister of Environment awarded the company with a prestigious prize "Leader of Polish Ecology 2002". The prize was awarded for the investment of construction of the plant for reception and treatment of ship generated waste. Spólka Wodna was honoured as one of the four winning companies in the sixth edition of the competition, in the category "a company" (totally 197 applications were submitted).

Spólka Wodna received a diploma, a statuette called "The Green Oscar" - a golden, stylised leaf shaped as Poland and the right of using this prestigious title.

See photo galeryThe competition "Leader of Polish Ecology" is organised once a year. The aim of the competition, apart from improving environmental awareness of the society, is to propagate information about the best solutions applied on the field of environmental protection, which could bring the greatest measurable benefits to the natural environment in Poland and to promote institutions and organisations supporting the above solutions organisationally and financially. Winning the competition is not connected with any financial profits and is of a prestigious character. The title "Leader of Polish Ecology" is the prize well acknowledged in the branch of environmental protection activities, and has a remarkable promotional value.

For further information about the competition as well as its earlier editions enter the website of the Competition's Secretariat: "Leader of Polish Ecology"

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