The beginnings of Spólka Wodna "Miedzyodrze" date back to the year 1991. At that time an initiative group called by Szczecin-Swinoujscie Port Authority and the Regional Municipal Office in Szczecin was established to put in order water and wastewater management issues on the area of Miedzyodrze district in Szczecin in a complex manner. The group took a decision to establish a company based on water law (in Polish - Spólka Wodna) for this purpose and subsequently elaborated its statutes. Spólka Wodna "Miedzyodrze" obtained legal status on 30th June 1992 by entry in the  Water Register of the Szczecin Province. The conceptual design on putting in order the water and wastewater management issues was elaborated by the Design Office - Spólka Morska "Inmar (Maritime Company)”. The conceptual design defined main investment plans consisting in construction of five local wastewater treatment plants. Successively, construction of a process installation for reception and treatment of oily waters from ships and incineration plant for solid waste generated onboard the ships and on the Port area were planned. Spólka Wodna "Miedzyodrze" started to implement these tasks in 1994. The concept of putting in order the water and wastewater management issues on the area of Miedzyodrze however, was adjusted in the middle nineties, which resulted in construction of one bigger biological wastewater treatment plant called "Ostrów Grabowski". The treatment capacity of the plant was planned for 3.200 m3/day. The overall investment activities of Spólka Wodna were divided into three main stages, which have been completed so far:

STAGE I: construction of a mechanical and biological sewage treatment plant
STAGE II: construction of reception and treatment facilities for ship-generated oily wastewaters and waters from washing of ships' holds
STAGE III: construction of the sewerage system on the area of Miedzyodrze district in Szczecin.

Milestones from the history of Spólka Wodna:

  • 01.07.1992 commencement of Spólka's activities


  • 24.11.1995 commencement of construction of the mechanical - biological wastewater treatment plant witj 4,5 km sewerage system and 7 pumping stations
  • 14.01.1998 ceremonial opening of the sewage treatment plant


  • December 1997 conceptual design for reception and treatment facilities of oily wastewater and waters from washing of ship holds (Carl Bro a|s, Denmark). The conceptual design was financed by Danish Environmental Protection Agency DEPA
  • 30.06.1999 commencement of construction of the reception and treatment facilities
  • 09.05.2001 final taking over of the ship-generated wastewater treatment plant


  • Jun 1998 initiation of works on preparation of an investment "Extension of the Sewerage System in the catchment area of "Ostrów Grabowski" Wastewater Treatment Plant"
  • 25.09.2003 completion of extension works and final acceptance of new sewerage system for Międzyodrze area in Szczecin

The sewerage system is subject to permanent extension due to development of business and municipal functions of the Międzyodrze district.

Other important dates and events in the history of the company:

  • 18.12.2001 entering the National Forum of Water Law Companies associating more than 30 water law companies from the entire area of Poland
  • April 2002 awarding of "Klon 2002" prise assigned for economic and environmental achievements attained in cooperation with the Bank of Environmental Protection S.A. Warsaw (BOŚ S.A.)
  • 11.12.2002 winning of a prestigious title "Leader of Polish Ecology 2002" in the Competition of the Polish Minister of Environment
  • 18.08.2004 Certification Bureau of Polski Rejestr Statków S.A. awarded the Certificate of ISO 9001:2000 and 14001:1996 in the scope of reception, treatment and disposal of sanitary sewage, oil wastes, used oils and wash water from ships' holds.

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