We provide services

  • Reception and treatment of municipal sewage
  • Reception and treatment mmiunicipal-waters from ships'holds and recovery of used oils
  • Reviews and repairs of pumps and pumping stations

Spólka Wodna was established in 1992 on the base of Polish Water Law and at the present incorporates 68 members - stakeholders. The company is an institution created in order to manage wastewater issues on the area of Miedzyodrze administrative district in Szczecin – the naturally formed land between the Western and Eastern Odra rivers.

Our strategy is to develop and operate wastewater treatment plants and other necessary environmental facilities in the area in question and our activities aim for a comprehensive improvement of the quality of water in the Odra River, Szczecin Lagoon (Oder-Haff) and, consequently - in the Baltic Sea.

From the beginning of its activity, Spólka Wodna "Miedzyodrze" has implemented environmental investments at a total cost of nearly 10 million EUR. The achievements accomplished so far by Spółka Wodna result from consistency and ability to implement a clear investment strategy, as well as from the ability to implement the  strategy of professional and effective cooperation with domestic and international entities, institutions and organisations.

The complex of wastewater treatment plants built by Spólka Wodna "Miedzyodrze" in the areas of Szczecin Port makes it possible for the Port to meet the requirements of Helsinki Convention, Baltic Strategy for Port Reception Facilities and to follow regulations of the MARPOL 73/78 Convention for Prevention against Pollution from Ships, Annex I, II and IV. The results of our works aiming for environmental protection in the Port of Szczecin were awarded with the title of honour - "Leader of Polish Ecology 2002" in the competition under patronage of the Polish Minister of Environment. This title is one of the most prestigious awards granted for environmental achievements in Poland.

It should be emphasised that our achievements would not be possible without kind and understanding support and financial assistance of such companies and institutions - stakeholders of Spólka Wodna - as: Szczecin and Swinoujscie Sea Ports Authority, the Municipality - City of Szczecin, "PGE Dolna Odra" Group of Power Plants, "Gryf" Confectionery Works, "Orlen" Polish Oil Concern, "Gryf" Fishery Port and many more.

Since April 2002 Spólka Wodna is the member of Krajowe Forum Spolek Wodnych – association of Water Law based companies in Poland. The aim of the association is dissemination of the idea of a water company as an effective organizational form providing water supplies and sewage treatment to satisfaction of population and economy and assuring protection of waters and water environment.

In response to increasing demands of market and customers, in the year 2004 Spolka Miedzyodrze adopted and implemented within its organisation an integrated management system, namely Quality Management System and Environmental Management System in accordance to ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001:1996 standards in the scope of reception, treatment and disposal of sanitary sewage, oily wastes, used oils and wash water from ship's holds.

To implement its investments Spólka Wodna has been using financial facilities offered by national and international financing institutions providing financial assistance to  environmental investments. We obtained large financial assistance from the EU PHARE Program, Fundation EcoFund, the Danish Environmental Protection Agency DEPA (through DANCEE Program) and from Swedish International Development Agency SIDA. Our actions were also supported by the Provincial Fund of Environmental Protection and Water Management in Szczecin (WFOSiGW) and by the National Fund of Environmental Protection and Water Management in Warsaw (NFOSiGW). Without this assistance we would never be able to implement our investments.

Spolka Wodna offers services especially in the field of reception and treatment of oily wastewaters from ships as well as reception and treatment of other types of wastewater including sewage. We would very much appreciate interest of our potential customers in information about Spólka Wodna provided on this website - if you find our services attractive and needed for your business, please feel free to contact us in order to establish cooperation with our company. We strongly hope that our joint activities will result in further betterment of water cleanness in the Odra River and the Baltic Sea and will contribute to improvement of environment on the area of Miedzyodrze, the City of Szczecin and this region of Poland and Europe.

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Spółka Wodna Międzyodrze, Office

Przejazd 14, 70-607 Szczecin
phone: +48 91 46 23 965-67
fax: +48 91 46 23 965-67 extension no. 30
Opening hours: from Monday to Friday 7.15 - 15.15

SW Międzyodrze

Ostrów Grabowski Wastewater Treatment Plant

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fax: +48 91 46 23 545
The Treatment Plant is opened round-the-clock