Within the framework of cooperation between Szczecin and Swinoujscie Sea ports Authority SA, Swedish Maritime Administration and the Polish Maritime Office, the report of a Feasibility Study on Reception Facilities in Polish Ports was elaborated. The report, financed from non-refundable grant funds by the Swedish Government, considered implementation of an investment of construction of facilities for reception and treatment of oily wastewater and waters from washing of ship holds in Szczecin Port. The aforesaid study was used to elaborate the conceptual design of the above facilities under the name of "second stage of extension" of "Ostrów Grabowski" Wastewater Treatment Plant. The investment was completed in April 2000.

The plant, based on Danish technology, ensures efficient and environmentally friendly utilisation of oily wastewater and waters from washing of ship holds.

Wastewater can be delivered by land by road tankers to the reception station for road tankers and also by water by barges - to the reception station for barges. Depth at the dolphin quay reaches 4 m, so not only barges but other small vessels can moor as well.

The plant is equipped with three tanks for separation and storage of oily wastewater and two tanks for storage of separated slop oils.

Oily waters - wastewaters polluted with oily substances - are the group of waste based on products from processing of crude oil. The main types of waste constituting this group of waste are as follows:

  • bilge waters from machinery rooms of ships;
  • engine slop oils;
  • waters from washing of oil tankers tanks;
  • polluted ballast waters from oil tankers;
  • wastewater collected from oil spillages in ports etc.

 Waters from washing of ship holds fall into the following categories:

  • water from washing of holds containing such cargoes as apatites and phosphorites, coal, ores, corns;
  • water from washing of holds containing chemically inert materials, which do not cause degradation of environment in case of disposing to the waste damp.

The technological processes of treatment of oily waters and waters from washing of holds containing grainy cargoes take place in two separate process lines:

  • Technological line for treatment of typical oily wastewater from ships of a treatment capacity of 10 m3/hour. This line consists of two process stages: mechanical treatment with intensified gravitational separation and chemical treatment with flocculation and flotation;
  • Technological line for separation of grainy material from waters from washing of holds of a treatment capacity of 20 m3/hour. The treatment process is realised by filtering on a mechanical screen (drum separator).

After the oil or grainy material (cargo residues) has been separated, the pre-treated water is pumped to the biological treatment plant in order to reduce to required minimum a concentration of organic pollution.

The above installations are highly automated, prototype solutions.

The sources of financing of the investment were: European Union (EU PHARE Program), Swedish International Development Agency (SIDA) and own sources of Spólka Wodna (including the credit from the Provincial Fund of Environmental Protection (WFOSiGW) in Szczecin). Danish Environmental Protection Agency (DEPA) also participated in the project by financing the works of Danish consultants.

High efficiency, reliability and validity of the adopted technological concept have been proven during three years of operation of the plant. The process runs with low costs and with good economical results. The prognoses regarding quantities of wastewater delivered to the plant have proven to be real. The new treatment plant has substantially contributed to improvement of environment in Szczecin Port, which is one of the first ports in Central and Eastern European Baltic countries to have such modern and functional installations for reception and treatment of ship-generated wastewaters.

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