"Ostrów Grabowski" Wastewater Treatment Plant is a modern mechanical - biological treatment plant of a treatment capacity of 3,200 m3/day, which was built on the basis of a Danish process design. Sewage is delivered to the plant by a system of pressure sewage collectors and pumping stations. The plant treats sewage from the area of the Port and industrialised regions of Miedzyodrze in Szczecin. The treatment plant can also receive sewage from ships calling at Szczecin Port and from the area of the city.

The sewage treatment plant consist of two separate process lines:

  • The process line for reception and treatment of sewage based on active sludge process;
  • The process line for processing of excess sludge.

The entire technological complex (the treatment plant and the pressure collectors) is supervised and controlled by an automation control system.

Presently the sewerage system of the plant is being extended with pressure sewage collectors system in order to cover the whole area of Miedzyodrze. After implementation of the investment, sewage from the entire urbanised area between the Regalica River and the Western Odra River will be delivered and treated in accordance with the strictest EU requirements in a modern treatment plant.

Spółka Wodna Międzyodrze, Office

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SW Międzyodrze

Ostrów Grabowski Wastewater Treatment Plant

Przejazd 14, 70-607 Szczecin
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The Treatment Plant is opened round-the-clock